We practice conservation and restoration in accordance with ethical and quality standards, following a work philosophy based on responsibility, seriousness and professionalism.

In August 11th 1994, Nova Conservação was established in Portugal by technicians specializing in Conservation and Restoration who were academically trained by the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro, in Rome; such is the case of Paola Coghi and Nuno Proença.

As conservator-restorers, they have been invited to work internationally, in conservation and restoration consultancy and projects, in countries including Italy (Tempio Nettuno, Paestum), Argentina (Teatro Cólon, Buenos Aires), India (Taj Mahal, Agra), China (Nanshi, Luoyang), and Libya (National Heritage Museum, Tripoli).

Currently, Nova Conservação also counts with conservator-restorers trained by the Faculty of Science and Technology of New University of Lisbon and the Tomar School of Technology - Polytechnic Institute of Tomar among its professionals.

We are a structured organization with a permanent, multidisciplinary and complementary team, combining experience and youth, and including experts from the fields of architecture, the humanities and the traditional arts.

In these more than 20 years of activity, we have had the privilege to carry out numerous conservation and restoration interventions, mostly in designated historic monuments, as well as diagnostic surveys, studies and projects, for public and private national and international entities. Some of these interventions were distinguished by organizations such as EUROPA NOSTRA.

Nova Conservação also cooperates with institutions linked to research and higher education, thereby contributing to the production of knowledge and methodological and technological innovation in the field of heritage conservation.


Modus Operandi

We conduct the study and analysis of the heritage subject in its historical aspects, condition, materials and construction techniques and artistic production in order to prepare the intervention, from which results the documentation of all work phases, understood as a fundamental part of the object’s historical memory.

Thanks to the skill and experience of our team, in its various aspects, reinforced where necessary by specialized technicians, we can ensure the accuracy and quality of our work. To support the organizational structure, we have an integrated management system, certified since 2009 for quality (ISO 9001).

A key factor is still our position in yard, fulfilling the security legislation either to employees and other stakeholders and for the object and its surroundings, and while allowing the continued enjoyment of the object / monument. Respect for environmental standards / eco-sustained, too, it is revealed in the careful management of residual materials from the interventions.


Technical Direction


Nuno Proença



Paola Coghi



Bernardo Pimentel


Apoio à Direcção


Carlos Duarte

Conservation and Restoration Technician
NC since 1999


Ana Moita

Degree in Languages
Formation in Audits
NC since 2003


Carla Fouto

Degree in Law
NC since 2008


m joao

Maria João Revez

NC since 2016

joao a

João Aguiar

NC since 2015


Liliana Silva

NC since 2010


Cosimo Aresta

Conservation and Restoration Technician
NC since 2014

We engage in partnerships with institutions dealing with higher education and research, as well as with companies, national and international, finding the best solutions, products and equipment to safeguard the heritage.

Meet some of the institutions with whom we are pleased to collaborate:



Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil

Laboratório Hercules

Azimut SAS

Kbyo Biological

Tecno Edile Toscana

El.En Group

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Some of the organizations we have the pleasure to work with

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