We practice conservation and restoration in accordance with ethical and quality standards, following a work philosophy based on responsibility, seriousness and professionalism.

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Conservation & Restoration

We are dedicated to the conservation and restoration of historic buildings and complexes (both architectural and decorative components) and monuments, archaeological structures, and movable heritage. We intervene upon materials as diverse as stone (particularly marble, limestone, granite and sandstone), metal (brass, iron and others), ceramic materials (including ceramic tiles and bricks), mortars, plasters, stuccoes, painting (mural, easel), wooden objects and gold and/or polychrome wooden carvings, among others.

We strive to meet customer requirements and assist them in making the best decisions, promoting a constant dialogue with the various stakeholders involved, whether in large- or small-scale works.

Our interventions are developed following best conservation practices, combining artisanal/traditional methods with innovative technologies, and using products that were tested and validated by recognized national and international institutions.

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Projects, Studies and Surveys

We design and manage conservation and restoration projects, including preliminary studies, characterization analyses and conservation condition diagnosis, in historic buildings and complexes (including their decorative programmes), monuments, archaeological structures and movable heritage.

We create bases for surveys of the conservation condition of heritage objects at different documentary levels - photographic, topographic and architectural.

Data collected at that stage allow for a better definition of the strategies to be adopted in the conservation project, both in terms of the treatment options, in accordance with the detected problems, and in terms of evaluating costs and time.

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Research and Development

Experimentation and know-how transfer feature prominently in our work and constant search for innovative solutions – and hence our participation in projects of research & development of products and technologies directed exclusively at the conservation sector.

Our conservation programmes are developed using techniques and methodologies tested and certified by leading national and international organizations operating within the field of cultural heritage conservation.

Towards this aim, we have been establishing partnerships with various technology companies and higher education institutions..


Some of the organizations we have the pleasure to work with

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